4 days per Week of Telework is Not Enough for Those Who Need 100% Telework

Many federal employers are reluctant to provide full-time telework to its employees who have disability accommodation needs. Managers may believe that, instead of providing 100% telework, a reasonable compromise is to allow an employee to take some telework, but to require the employee to come in one or more days per week. Actually, this “compromise” … Read more

Poor Excuses – Federal Agencies Do Not Understand the ‘Undue Hardship’ Defense

Most federal agencies have difficulty dealing with reasonable accommodations because, well, they just don’t understand it. Many managers, HR, and EEO personnel are familiar with the concept of discrimination—at least insofar as they can avoid a charge of discrimination by having (and documenting) a “legitimate, non-discriminatory reason” for their actions. But this does not apply … Read more

Accommodations for Temporary Disabilities

What happens when an employee is injured, either on the job or outside of work, and is expected to recover soon but needs accommodations so he can return to work? Many federal employees face just such a situation. Employees who are injured or become sick often are forced to stay home instead of working, sometimes … Read more

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