Federal Employee Mediations

What to Expect

Federal Employees often attend mediations without knowing what to expect and who is going to be present for the mediation. This video introduces federal employees to the mediation process and provides a background for understanding what to expect.  

EEOC Sanctions for Agencies

Inadequate or Delayed EEO Investigations

Sanctions are an important tool for forcing federal agencies to conduct timely and adequate investigations into employees’ EEO complaints. Some federal agencies unreasonably delay EEO investigations into claims of discrimination or retaliation made by federal employees. 

The EEOC can issue sanctions against federal agencies that delay or fail to complete an adequate investigation. Federal employees who have filed a charge and waited as little as 180 days for the investigation to be concluded may file for a hearing and move for sanctions against the federal agency for failing to complete the investigation. In some cases the EEOC has issued sanctions prohibiting the Agency from providing evidence in its own defense.

Additional resources: 

EEOC’s regulations about filing for a hearing: EEOC’s regulations about filing for a hearing. 


EEOC Cases:


Complainant v. Air Force, EEOC Case No. 0720090009 (2015) (


Ross v. USPS, EEOC Case No. 0720180001 (2018) (

Candace C. v. GSA, EEOC Case No. 0720160013 (2016)(

For further research, the EEOC has put its decisions online. You can search them through this link. 

None of the information here is legal advice for you. Please contact an attorney who can evaluate your case and provide you with legal services. I take no responsibility for whether these cases are current. 

Never Make These 11 PIP Mistakes

Hidden Secrets to Surviving your PIP

Employees can survive a Performance Improvement Plan if they are proactive. This video covers 11 common mistakes that employees make in the performance improvement plan process and how to overcome those mistakes. This is practical advice for anyone facing a PIP or who could face a PIP in the near future.

Mediation In Employment Cases

An introduction to mediation for employees who bring claims of discrimination. 

Nothing contained in this video is legal advice.

Federal Employee EEO Process

Federal employees have a process for filing complaints of discrimination that is different from all other employees. This video describes the individual steps in the EEO process from informal complaint to hearings before an EEOC administrative judge and beyond.

Nothing contained in this video is legal advice.

3 Keys to ADA Accommodations

The ADA requires reasonable accommodations be provided to employees who have disabilities. This video covers some of the key concepts that employees need to understand when requesting reasonable accommodations from their employer. If you believe that you’ve been the victim of discrimination or failure to provide reasonable accommodation, you should seek out legal help as soon as possible. 

Nothing contained in this video is legal advice.

5 EEO Office Mistakes Federal Employees Make

Top 5 Mistakes that Federal Employees make when Dealing with the EEO Office:

1. Not filing within 45 days of the discriminatory event

2. Not recognizing retaliation when it happens 

3. Not documenting the discriminatory events

4. Waiting for the EEO office to take action

5. Not talking to a lawyer early in the process