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Strategy & Review Consultation

Thank you for your interest in a Strategy & Review Consultation with my office. If you have not already communicated with me about a Strategy & Review Consultation, please do not follow these steps. Instead, please follow this link to set up a time to speak with me over the phone about your issues (

Here are the documents you should send to me if you have them available:

    • A filled-out consultation form: Download PDF Consultation Form, then upload using the “Submit” button at the bottom
    • Report of Investigation (PDF only)
    • Formal complaint (if investigation not complete).

After I receive confirmation from LawPay, I will confirm your consultation date and time via email. If I do not receive the deposit at least 24 hours in advance of our meeting, I will release the time and send you a cancellation email.  If you have any questions, please take a look at the FAQ below. 

Strategy & Review Session FAQ

Due to Covid-19, I am no longer conducting in-person consultations. I do not accept walk-in appointments. 

My office is Located at 1200 18th Street, NW in Washington DC. It is in the Ring Building.  

Send PDF copies of the documents you would like for me to review. Unfortunately, I cannot review hundreds of pages of documents in advance. Please use this link to upload files for me to review: 

I cannot accept JPGs, GIFs, or any other file format. If you have documents in this format, I strongly recommend that you organize these and convert them into a PDF and send them to me using the ShareFile link above.

The documents that you should send me depend on what the actions are that the employer is taking against you. Here are a few examples:

  • EEOC Charge documents;
  • A brief one-page description of the most important events that happened to you, including specific dates; 
  • Any documents that describe the events that happened to you, such as a journal;
  • Emails that concern the events that happened. 

If you have any questions about documents, please feel free to email me. 

The consultation process is an opportunity for me to review the facts of your case and to research legal issues based on those facts. As part of this review, we will discuss potential legal strategies and how we can use those strategies to target your goals. 

Please be prepared to discuss the effect that the Employer’s conduct has had on your life. This includes any loss of income and any emotional suffering that you have experienced as a result. 

At the end of the consultation we will talk about whether the case is a good fit for both of us. In appropriate circumstances partial and full contingency options may be available. However, I cannot guarantee a representation. Regardless, you will get the full benefit of my time. 

I understand that things come up all the time that we have no control over. If you need to push our meeting back, please  email me or call me at (202) 459-4563. You can re-book our meeting for a time that works for you using the Calendly app. 

If we have agreed on a representation, I will prepare a representation agreement and forward it to you. 

If we have not made an agreement and there are still some issues to resolve, I am happy to continue the discussion. Please set up a time to talk with me further by using this link. 

If you still have questions about the consultation, I am happy to speak with you. Please set up a brief phone conversation with me using this link

Federal Employee Free Phone Consultation

Find a time to talk about your case with a lawyer, not an intake coordinator. 

Here’s what you should know:

  • This is completely free, no cost, no obligation on your part (Lawyers can’t expect payment without an agreement)
  • You get helpful information about your federal EEO case 
  • This is the start of the process to find an attorney to represent you