Client Portal

This webpage is for current clients of this office. If you are seeking legal assistance for the first time, please find a time with me using this link.

Book a meeting with me

I use Calendly to book meetings. This means we don’t have to go back and forth on emails, and you can choose from the broadest set of times to find a time that works for your schedule. 

Please note that I will try to keep to the scheduled time as I will often have other commitments surrounding these times. We may need to book additional time as necessary if the issue goes beyond what we have foreseen.

Immediate meeting

Not everyone can meet during my regularly scheduled hours. If I have asked you to schedule a meeting within the next 48 hours and you cannot find a time, please use the scheduler link below. Please understand that I may ask you to reschedule as necessary, depending on my scheduling needs.

Drop off Documents with Me

The best way for you to drop documents off with me is via Clio. Below is a link to enter into the Clio portal. You can send me a document through the portal by clicking on “Documents,” then “New,” and then click on a file or folder upload. You can send me a secure message (which I strongly recommend for important messages as it protects you against inadvertent disclosures). 

Alternative Link

If you cannot access Clio for any reason, you can use the Sharefile link below. However, using Clio is preferred because it is easier for me to access and to download documents. You can also access documents uploaded to Clio, which is not the case with Sharefile. I will endeavor to send you a link for Clio as soon as possible after you drop files off for future use.